Aniti theft

Microburst 3000 Anti-Theft Bracket


Prevents unauthorised removal of the refill or batteries from the Microburst 3000 Air-freshener dispenser.



Microburst Anti-Theft Bracket

  1. Works with the Microburst 3000 Air-freshener Dispenser
  2. Prevents the opening of the Microburst Dispenser and the theft of the refill and batteries
  3. Mild Steel Construction


  • Available in White, Matt Black, Satin and Stainless Steel


Microburst 3000 Dispenser

Known for its reliability, durability and exceptional craftsmanship. This dispenser has been a favorite with us for over 14 years, proving time and again, it is indeed the best.
  • Lifetime warranty on all working parts
  • Trusted dispenser with us for over 14 years
  • 2 Year Battery Life, when using Alkaline Batteries
  • 3000 Sprays per refill
  • Combines great looks with low-cost effective performance
  • Sprays once every 15 minutes (on a 30 day cycle) ensuring the washroom smells fresh and clean all day


  • Available in White, Matt Black, Satin and Stainless Steel
  • Flexible programming options allows the user to customise the amount of sprays
  • Programming options are:
    • 30/60/90 days
    • 8/12/16/24 hours a day
    • 5/6/7 days a week
  • Convenient visual indicators show battery and refill life for easy servicing
  • Alarm: audio tone indicates the need to change batteries or refill


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