Ticra Urinal screens

Ticra Urinal Screen


The 2 in one Urinal Matt that smells great and combats uric scale for up to 2000 flushes.

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Ticra Urinal Screen

The 2 in one Urinal Matt that smells great and combats uric scale for up to 2000 flushes.
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  •  1 Per urinal.
  • Replace every 30 days.
  • Biological action will reduce the uric acid build-up in U-Trap.
  • Fragrance: essential oil infused (eco-friendly).
  • Controlled release of fragrance lasts for at least 2,000 flushes (30 days).
  • Reduces the formation of uric acid build-up.
  • Eliminates malodours in urinals.
  • Very effective at digesting uric acid.
  • Contains 8 million micro-organisms per gram.
  • Environmentally positive product making use of nature’s cleaners (soil bacteria) put to work to rectify man-made problems.
  • Solid oxygen increases the much-needed carbonates to ensure optimal biological action for the effective degradation of organics by the Bacillus Subtilis (good bacteria).
  • Contains especially selected fermentation extract to get the degradation process started.
  • Contains NO PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls).
  • Safe for users – simple to use – environmentally positive.


Urinal Auto Flush

Automatic urinal flusher. Keeps urinals flushed and gent’s washrooms hygienic and clean.
  • Keep urinals flushed all day long – Does NOT pre-flush.
  • The auto flush is activated by an infrared sensor, when a user is in front of the urinal, it registers to flush.
  • This system ensures that urinals and toilets are always flushed and presentable.
  • Helps prevent scale build up that causes odours and pipe damage.
  • Battery operated.
  • Auto Flush Top Mount easily automates Cobra Flush master flush valve in minutes.
  • The Auto Flush promotes good hygiene by eliminating potential points of cross-contamination,
  • While preventing odours by ensuring that fixtures are flushed after every use.
  • Battery operated.
  • Batteries last 3 years or 100 000 flushes (Always use alkaline batteries, we recommend Duracell).
  • 1 Year guarantee on dispenser.


Product Dimension (cm) 12 x 15 x 2 cm
Pack Size 250
Shipping Dim (cm) 61 x 46 x 32 cm
Shipping Weight (Kg) 20 kg
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